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Job Title:Senior Embedded Software Engineer (Salary: Negotiable)

Job Description:Chip OEM Recruitment: (System Porting or Chip Driver Development Direction)

1. microelectronics, computer, chip design and other related majors Bachelor degree or above.

2. more than five years of embedded project underlying development work experience. (Engaged in chip original factory related position development experience is optimized).

3. proficient in arm or mips or openrisc assembly language and C programming language.

4. proficient in FreeRTOS.Rthread.Ucos.Linux and other embedded operating systems work (chip on the successful transplantation of the operating system or on the system performance optimization, system tailoring and other experience.

5. proficient in AV1, MOV, MP4 and other video files internal organization format (MJPG or H.264/H.265 and other audio and video encapsulation into video files experience).

6. proficient chip internal USB, MIPI, LCD, CSI and other driver principles (for example: USB enumeration of character devices, UAC, UVC, MSC and other driver development experience).

7. proficient in the chip application SDK development process, from the chip driver code build to achieve the overall function of the SDK successful experience.

8. Familiar with CMOS camera interface, output data format, image of the ISP algorithm, or ISP module algorithm development and optimization experience is preferred.

9. familiar with FPGA or microcontroller or embedded chip related hardware circuit schematic is preferred.

10. familiar with the chip's CSI, LCD, SDIO, SPI, IIC, UART and other related interfaces and signal timing.

11. strong self-learning, independent thinking and analysis and problem solving ability, strong sense of responsibility, willing to communicate proactively.



Job Title:Embedded Software Engineer (Salary: Negotiable)

Job Description:The original chip manufacturer is hiring

1. Bachelor degree or above in microelectronics, computer, chip design related majors.

2. more than 3 years of project development work experience in embedded video field.

3. Proficient in C/C++ programming language.

4. familiar with FreeRTOS, Rtthread, Ucos, Linux and other embedded operating systems.

5. proficient in video organization format, image H.264/H.265 codec is preferred.

6. Familiar with microcontroller or embedded hardware circuit schematic is preferred.

7. familiar with LCD screen, camera driving principle or effect debugging experience is preferred.

8. strong self-learning, analysis and problem-solving ability, strong sense of responsibility, willing to communicate proactively.



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